Current information about the Corona virus and your holiday at the Lafairs

End of winter and preview for summer 2020

As you probably already know from the media coverage, the Austrian Federal Government, like most other governments in Europe and other countries, has taken measures to prevent a real spread of the coronavirus. In our region there are de facto no cases of illness, but we want to keep it that way. And, of course, the measures taken are primarily aimed at protecting the elderly and immunocompromised people, who are particularly susceptible to the virus, and at protecting the medical staff in hospitals, who are also needed for regular hospital operations. And last but not least, we also think about the protection of our employees and guests. That is why we have also closed our operations. We don't know when we will open again, we don't consider this a long-term measure and we are in good spirits.

We are now taking advantage of the involuntary end of what has been a wonderful winter season for us to date and are making the appropriate arrangements for our employees. Then we also take a breather and of course we are still planning for the summer season starting on May 20th as per usual.

Your booking for the summer season 2020 - until further notice no cancellation fees

Of course we are not fortune-tellers, but we assume that we will then offer you a more beautiful Tyrol than ever before, as usual and with fresh energy. And we'll keep you up to date on this page, or just check our Facebook page from time to time, where we also keep you up to date on the " state of the nation".

Zero risk for your holiday! Free cancellation anytime!

Until further notice we do not charge any cancellation fees for your booking for the summer season 2020 if you wish to cancel your reservation.   This applies to all reservations made up to the date on which all travel warnings for Austria are revoked and concerns direct bookings in our hotel for the period 20.5. to 11.10.20 .

In the meantime we wish you and your loved ones: stay well, stay tuned and see you soon!